I’ve been writing about healthcare issues and creating communications materials for 25 years; as a newly minted MSP, I now merge my writing skills with my passion for healthcare knowledge, issues, and policy. What’s an MSP? That’s a Masters in Social Policy – the intersection of public policy and human welfare.

Why yet another healthcare blog? Because too much about healthcare focuses on statistics, numbers, theory, left vs. right, conservatives vs. liberals, red vs. blue. It’s the human factor that prompted me to get my Masters degree after a quarter-century break. It’s the human factor that will benefit from the knowledge to get and stay healthy, to learn how to manage disease, to ensure that prevention and wellness become a way of life, not just a catchy phrase. And it’s the human factor that lives or dies based on policy decisions.

I firmly believe that everyone has a basic right to healthcare. Young, old, rich, poor. It doesn’t matter. We need to support and foster this fledgling effort to level the playing field; it’s past time to make sure everyone is taken care of.

I welcome comments, opinions, and insights — and look forward to some interesting discussions and debates.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing more. I think you will provide a reasoned and intelligent analysis.

  2. I agree. Too often, healthcare is divided into two camps — left/right, liberal/conservative, etc. I look forward to reading intelligent analysis of the issues from someone who is a veteran in the field. All best!

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