Sugar, Sugar

We know too much sugar is bad for you. It fosters obesity, diabetes, heart disease… Unfortunately for those of us with a sweet tooth, it’s in almost everything that tastes good – ice cream, candy bars, soda… ask the mom of any 6 year old that’s been to a birthday party what effect sugar has and you will get an earful.

US News & World Report cited a recent study that found laying off one – just one – can of regular soda daily – roughly 130 calories – can help lower blood pressure. We all seem to ingest too much anyway, so cutting out a can of soda shouldn’t be that hard.  Did you know that the average adult consumes 28 ounces of sweetened beverages daily? Holy Sucrose Batman!

Now, New York State wants to put a penny/ounce levy on sweet drinks – arguing that it will help reduce disease; not to mention the Governor needs more money in the budget. Low cal sodas and water are exempt, but some bottled coffee drinks may not be, depending on the number of ounces.

Some researchers think this might be a good idea, and back it up with lots of stats in several New England Journal Of Medicine articles. Folks in the beverage industry beg to differ – strongly. They’re running mega ad campaigns against the idea, and pundits don’t think it will pass the State Legislature. Come to think of it, does anything pass the Legislature these days? I digress…

Is this another case of government making health decisions for us? Or is it a justifiable “sin tax” like those on cigarettes and alcohol?

Should consumers be forced to pay more for certain “unhealthy items”? What about long-term effects of sugar substitutes? Where do you draw the line? Sugar sweetened cereals? Ice cream?

What’s your opinion?


2 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar

  1. Liz,

    I’m not sure how I feel about the sugar tax, but what concerns me more is that people have come to belive that drinks with added sweeteners are legitimate thirst quenchers. They’re not. At least when you go for ice-cream, you know it’s supposed to be dessert. Also, many manufacturers don’t make it obvious that they’ve added sweetners. Great post.

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